frequently asked questions




What is the quality of your cards and announcements?

We pride ourselves on offering products that our clients would not otherwise be able to access themselves. All of our cards and announcements are flat, 5x7, double-sided, full-color cards. They are printed on a high-quality, heavy card stock and finished with a pearl metallic coating to give your cards that little something extra.

How much of the card is customizable?

All colors, select fonts and portrait positioning are customizable. Just let us know your preferred color scheme and font styles and we will make your vision come to life!

What if I like the front of one card and the back of another?

You are more than welcome to mix and match any card layouts. The examples on our website are simply suggestions, but we are more than happy to apply the design elements of one card to another. 

Do I have to print on both sides?

No, you do not. Both sides are fully customizable or you can leave one side blank with a solid color of your choosing. It is all up to you!

What if I don't know or remember what images I want for my card?

If you are not sure what images from your session you would like on your card, we would love to schedule a time for you to view your slideshow again. During this session we can also insert your images into our card templates so you can see exactly what your finished announcement will look like.

This is my first senior, what information typically goes on a graduation announcement or invite?

Typically, families and seniors will include some variation of the following:
- Open House or Graduation Party information
- High school and graduation date
- Future college plans
- Senior quote or biblical verse

I want to design my cards with you, but I don't like any of your designs. What can be done?

For an additional design fee, we are happy to design a completely custom card for you. Send us a list or example images of your ideas and we will make all of your card dreams come true!

Do you offer Foil Pressed Cards?

We sure do! Like our other cards, our Foil Pressed Cards are full color and double-sided. One side features the foil pressed design and the other side is available for customization. Choose from an array of dazzling colors, including Black, Gold, Opal (translucent), Red, Rose Gold, or Silver.

Please note: You may only select from the available Foil Pressed Card template options. Unfortunately, there are no custom options for Foil Pressed Cards at this time.

We do not feature our Foil Pressed Card templates on our website, so please ask us about them if you’re interested!

Do the cards come with envelopes?

Yes, all of our announcements come with complimentary envelopes.

I've selected my card, images and submitted my form. Now what?

Fantastic! Our digital artist has probably already started designing your card and will have a digital proof emailed to you within 5 business days. Please read and look over your card thoroughly to ensure the information and name spellings are correct.

Once you have notified us that the card design is approved, your cards will be ordered right away. Cards typically arrive back to our studio within three to five business days. When your finished cards arrive at our studio we will give you a call right away to coordinate pick-up or drop-off arrangements.

How many cards can I order? And how much do they cost?

Our cards are available in packs of 25. Please call the studio at 503.850.8811 for specific pricing details regarding your order.

When is payment processed?

If you did not purchased your cards in an earlier viewing and ordering session, we will call you once you have approved your digital proof to process your payment over the phone.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 503.850.8811